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CumUnion is an environment where visitors pledge to communicate openly and honestly with their sexual partners in order to maintain a safe space for all.


Here, we will have the ability to choose which activities to engage in with others, without fear of rejection or humiliation.


Here, HIV is not a dividing line. Here, all men can fuck equally!


Condoms and lube are provided free of charge at all of our parties, as well as washing facilities, toilets, and also paper towels to use during the action.


Everyone is expected to act respectfully, and in a friendly manner at our parties, and attitude, aggression or disruption is not tolerated.  We are here to enjoy!

CumUnion is an International Sex party open to gay and bi-sexual men. We started as a small sex party in San Francisco and have since started monthly events in Canada, the UK, Netherlands, Hungary, Mexico and South Africa.  

What makes CumUnion unique is that we offer a judgement-free environment for men to meet and enjoy themselves. CumUnion prides itself on being a PRO-CHOICE party where individuals can decide for themselves what sexual behaviors and activities are appropriate for them.  Based on that, they can take the necessary measures to protect themselves from HIV and other sexual diseases. Also, our parties always have a great vibe and lots of hot men who are into the same things you are.


We always look for the most cooperative venue to host a CumUnion party. Our parties are held at bathhouses, saunas, sex clubs, gay hotels and resorts, and some private member local spaces.  There will always be some form of a clothes check available for guests and many of our venues also offer refreshments.  If you are interested in hosting a CumUnion party at your venue visit the “Contact” page for how to reach us.

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