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On Friday 29th July 2016, we were made aware of a number of people who have been targetted on Grindr by people giving out information about a CumUnion party in Sheffield and London on the same day.

There are no official parties on this date in either location, and the web site behind all of this, which has been elaborately set up to look real and official, are getting people to pay £9.99 on their credit or debit cards, and part with bank information, making them think they will then receive information about where the party is.

Both our official CumUnion web sites clearly list all the times and dates of the various parties around the world.  We do not sell this information.

We also do not charge for membership or subscription to our web site.

If you have been a victim of this scam, and have made any payments, you need to IMMEDIATELY CONTACT YOUR CARD ISSUER AND TELL THEM, and have your card cancelled immediately.  You will get a full refund from them, and this will stop them using your card any longer.

We would also appreciate an email from you with any and all information about what has happened including how they got in touch with you, and if possible, if you can get screen grabs of grindr photos that have been used, or any other information you think is useful to us, please email it to as soon as you can.

This will help us to get the site taken down, and this fraud stopped.

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